Welcome to our world of timeless designs that honour the people who make them and the places they’re made

Founded by Lisa Jana & Rajlaxmi Chowdhury in 2022 , THE OCAU is an apparel company rooted in the belief that clothes should fit women and not the other way round.

We are committed to making improvements and taking initiatives to advocate socially responsible business. We continue to contribute to driving industry change, to be accountable and to encourage our customers to shop with awareness.

We focus on quality, classic pieces with trans-seasonal appeal, We take our customer & lifestyle obsession to the next level, delivering WOW product our customers truly value now & into the future.

We celebrate indian body types and we make shape and size inclusive garments. Maintaining an understanding of all aspects of the rapidly evolving fashion market and continually adapting to deliver product that is customer focused. Our brand will continue to set the standard at the forefront of the industry, delivering product with a uniquely design lead quality strategy to become the go-to brand to purchase sustainable , comfortable apparel for every body type.

” Oca is presenting U with sustainable clothing choices to be the best version of your charming self and also contribute to the environment as an individual. “

At OCAU, we believe in buying less and enjoying each piece longer. A process of sustainability that starts with us—the brand—responsibly manufacturing our products, and ends with you and the care you take for each piece.



Handloom Fabric & Handmade Processes are involved in making of each piece

Small batch production is done for each style. So, we are limited and exclusive.

Fair labor is practiced throughout our business. We are working with women from a village of west bengal.

Sourcing , Design & Packaging

Sustainable materials are used like natural fibres and dyes. we try to follow the concept of zero waste. 

Chiq & Comfortable designs are the main things that we incorporate while we design our collections.

Eco friendly packaging is used to pack and ship your orders that way we save a lot of plastic waste.

Waste to something cute and of use..

Scraps of fabric are inevitable, but they certainly don’t have to go to waste! We do plenty of projects that use leftover fabric. Accessories, decorations, and so many other things….

Our philosophy : more of doing the right thing

Oca U is born out of pure passion for clothing and fashion. Here at Oca U we create sustainable, comfortable, and ethically made clothing that looks good and feels good too.

Both us founders had a knack of creating clothes from when we were kids, that’s how we joined NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). After graduating, we were introduced to the real fashion world, and we got to see how much effort goes behind making a product. Even though it was such an interesting job, we decided that it was very much our duty to make clothing that believes in the art of sustainable living as do we. It was so hurtful to watch craftsmanship being overshadowed by automation.  

Lets ask more questions… what are our clothes made of, how is it made, who made it. Lets connect on a meaningful level. That is what we want everyone to ask and feel. We both belong from small villages of West Bengal , where Khadi and other cotton fabrics are being made by handlooms, which was our first source of inspiration. We wanted to make traditional textile turn into contemporary fashion for our youth.

As youth ourselves we want to be well dressed, express our personality through our clothing choices and also stick to our beliefs, whether it is  to create lesser impact on earth, or the idea of minimalism , and so much more. This brand is for everyone who thinks alike.  

The word ” Sustainability ” though well versed, is still new to a large section of the society. We want to encourage everyone to question more and learn more. We are on a mission to change how things are made. Better for the people, better for the planet. Our products are made with the principles of considered design, relentless quality, honest value, and positive impact.

Meet the Women behind

The People Behind OCA U are two Women who Believes Fashion can be done Right.

We are two individuals with a passion for creativity — creativity makes us happy. We believe in the transformative power of design and their ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. Let’s make something beautiful together.

Lisa Jana 

Rajlaxmi Chowdhury 

join THE OCAU family and be a part of something that matters